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Vessel Rent

Vessel: Costa Brasileira - Offshore

Length: 22.00 m

Wiidth: 6.00 m

Draft: 2.80 m

Free Deck: 13 x 6 m

Engine: 2 x Scania ds14 - 400 HP each

Passengers x Cargo: 12 pas x 70 t

Vessel: Ilaria - Offshore

Length: 20.00 m

Wiidth: 6.28 m

Draft: 3.30 m

Free Deck: 12 x 6 m

Engine: 2 x GM Detroit - 310 HP each

Passengers x Cargo: 12 pas x 70 t

Vessel: Santa Maria - Inland Navigation

Length: 21.00 m

Width: 5.10 m

Draft: 2.50 m

Free Deck: 12 x 5.10 m

Engine: 2 x Mercedes OMC352 - 220 HP each

Passengers x Cargo12 x 70 t

Vessel: Belo Horizonte - Offshore

Length: 28.20 m

Width: 8.30 m

Draft: 3.95 m

Free Deck: 12 x 5.10 m

Engine: 2 x MAN Mono Axi - 840 HP each

Passengers x Cargo20 x 230 t               (Availability in Nov.2017)

General Repairs

We have responsible professionals, well  trained and  with the experience needed to run a variety of precision cutting and welding required for the naval area.

We offer, shafts  balancing, caps metallization and replacement of any damaged part: Electric-Eletronic, electric-power, panels and Auto-Electric Generators, Pilot Alarms, command engine room, rewind motors, Radar Mechanical Bomb, prelube-regulatory Valves, Hydraulic Circuits.